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10 most delicious foods of Delhi

The tourists who have been to Delhi always crave for its tasty foods for their whole life. And it is impossible for a visitor to control their expenses, as the aroma of delicious cuisines of Delhi is an appetite-booster, and it knows how to compel someone to take money out of their pocket to give their taste buds a delight. If you want to get your Indian Visa Online done within some days, then we help you with it. Visit us and apply hassle-free.

The best thing about Delhi is its being a metropolitan city where people of different places and cultures live together and their cultural and traditional traces can be seen in their foods. This way, you can taste the regional cuisines of the whole India in this city, apart from its own famous delicacies.

In this blog, we have prepared a list of the top popular dishes of Delhi so that you can know what to eat in the city during your next trip.

10 most mouth-watering foods of Delhi:


1. Chhole Bhature:

Chhole Bhature rules Delhi for the whole day, but at night, it is found only in a few places, as people eat it either at their breakfast or lunch. You can find it in any corner of the city at any stall, but the most famous ones are from Chandni Chowk, often called the hub of street foods.

Bhature is made from maida and deep-fried while chhole are chickpeas made from onions, tomatoes, coriander leaves and some spicy masalas. It is served with chopped or round cut onions, cut tomatoes, pickles, green chillies and green sauce.

However, we find it very important to let you know that you should eat such foods from a well-reputed and clean shop, as eating from cheap, dirty stalls of food shops can leave you with an upset stomach.

2. Parathas

Ask anybody who has been to Delhi the magic of parathas that give taste buds a heavenly experience; they won’t be able to describe its scrumptious taste.  There are many kinds of parathas are available in Delhi like Aloo paratha, laccha paratha, paneer paratha and so on.

Such parathas are made from stuffing mashed potatoes, pieces of paneer, chopped onions, coriander leaves and so on. They are served hot with chutney, sabji, salads, pickles or raita.

If you are looking for the best place in Delhi for parathas, then visiting Parathe Wali Gali is a must for you. Here, you can find many varieties of parathas, and this shop is very famous and runs always with a large number of customers that’s why always fresh foods are served here.

However, you should eat it in a less amount because this food item is very heavy and can become indigestible for the people with a sensitive stomach.

3. Butter Chicken

There is nothing more pleasant in Delhi’s winter than having a plate of Butter chicken and some parathas or chur chur naan and chatting with your friends or special one. It is one of the most famous dishes of Delhi that people prefer eating at their dinner.

From luxurious restaurants to small dhabas, you can find it anywhere with a variety of taste or texture. Butter chicken is made from onions, tomatoes, spices and served with a piece of butter on the dish, which gives the appetite of foodies a boost. We assist you to get your urgent indian visa to travel in India, then do apply for your e tourist visa India within 24-72 hours. 

4. Chaat (Bhalli Papdi, Golgappe, Tikki and Dahi Balle)

There are many places in India whose chaats are famous for their delicious magic, but Delhi is highly famous for its mouth-watering chaats. You can find many varieties of Dahi papdi, Dahi Bhalla, Tikki, Dahi Tikki and last but not least Golgappa, which is called Pani Puri in Mumbai.

From Delhi dwellers to foreign visitors, people always keep brimming in the streets of Delhi, especially in the narrow and crowded lanes of Chandni Chowk. These delicious chaats are served with tamarind chutney, green sauce and dahi.

5. Kulfi

If you want to cope with the unbearable heat of Delhi, then there is no better item than a plate of Kulfi for this purpose. There are many varieties of kulfis are sold in Delhi like Mewari kulfi, Gujarati Kulfi, Mughlai Kulfi, Lucknowi Kulfi and the like.

Even sometimes, people eat some kulfi after their meal so that they can alleviate the heat of the spicy food and give their sweet tooth a joyful gift.

6. Kebabs

Another famous non-veg food item in our list; although you can find Kebabs in Muslim-majority areas like Lucknow, Hyderabad and Kashmir, Delhi has its own flavour when it comes to satisfying the taste buds of non-vegetarians.

People think that kebabs were originated in Turkey, however, few people know that Muslim rulers used to have this delicious non-veg item on the festivals like Eid and other happy occasions, which led to tremendous varieties of this mouth-watering delicacy.

7. Chhole Kulche

If you are in a hurry and want to eat something light, then a plate of Cholle Kulche is the best street food for you in Delhi. Plain kulchas (made of maida) are served with chickpeas made from spices, green chillies, chopped tomatoes, chopped onions and some drops of lemon and chaat masala are sprinkled on that while serving.

It is found almost at all stalls in Delhi, and it is a breakfast or afternoon food item, which is not available in the evening or night. You can get a plate of chhole made according to your taste because Chhole-kulche vendors know that every mouth has a different taste that’s why they put spices in chhole considering the spice tolerance level of their customers. Do you want to make your India visit in urgent? Apply now and get your evisa india done with us. 

8. Momos

The stalls of momos in Delhi are always surrounded by foodies in evenings due to its scrumptious taste. It is served in a leaf or paper plate with red spicy chutney, which is extremely strong for the people allergic to street foods.

There are two most famous varieties of momos; first one is steamed and the second one is fried. You can choose one according to your taste. However, you must keep this in your mind that eating such very spicy, strong foods can lead to diseases like mouth ulcers, haemorrhoids, upset stomach and the like. So, see your health condition and digestive ability first before indulging in such spicy foods.

9. Rolls

Although this street food item has its origins in Kolkata, its magical taste also makes it a perfect gift for your taste buds. There are innumerable varieties of rolls in Delhi, and you can pick one according to your favourite taste.

The most famous roll item is Kathi rolls that are often sold at stalls set along with momos shops. It is also served with red hot chutney, but many people also like eating it with tamarind sauce.

10. Pakore 

There are many types of pakodas are sold in Delhi and served with green chutney or tamarind sauce, and chaat masala is often sprinkled upon them to give the taste a boost.

The magic of crispy batter reaches the peak when it is served with a cup of hot tea on a rainy day. Some famous pakoras are potato, cauliflower, onion, spinach, paneer (cheese) and green chilly.



In this blog, we familiarized you with the 10 most famous dishes of Delhi, and our list of top 10 delicacies of Delhi consists of Pakode, Butter Chicken, Chhole Bhature, Chhole Kulche and so on.

If you are a keen desire to visit India and give your taste buds a heavenly experience, then you must apply for an Indian visa online.

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