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5 Temples to Visit in Jammu

Jammu is a bright gemstone that proudly sparks on the forehead of glorious India, which is also known as the Kohinoor of the country. We help you to find hassle-free Indian Visa Online. A series of stunning and picturesque places that prevail in the region offers you excellent natural, historical, spiritual and local beautiful tourist attractions to explore. Jammu is nestled between Daman Koh Plains in the south and the Val of Kashmir in the north. It has been a wonderful tourist spot since zenith immemorial.

Moreover, temples in Jammu are too important and gorgeous element that personifies as the gems of state. The unique and intrigued designs define how wonderful this part of India is. While visiting in Jammu, you will be able to explore and witness so many charming towering temples apart from the enchanting picturesque nature.

The presence of spirituality and Hindu temples in the state clarifies that this nature is surely made by the immortals; the pristine blue lakes, rivers, sky-touching trees, snow-clad mountains tops, rocks, and alpines explains it all. That’s not all, the state also has great pilgrimages to visit and devotees from around the world come here to witness the amazing nature, unique architecture, solitude, lush greenery, and serene environment. Experiencing divinity at the top of India is something indescribable. The aura of cherishing Jammu narrates its own story and tells how this heavenly state is linked to the divinity and the almighty. If you want an evisa india  to travel in India, then do apply now to get an e-visa within 24 to 72 hours.

You can enjoy the breathtaking beauty of Jammu in the summers and mild winters. Over here, you can play wonderful sports and activities. So, do plan your adventure to this gorgeous state with your family, friends and alone.

However, here are some wonderful and curvy temples to make your visit worthy and auspicious—

Raghunath Temple

Raghunath Temple is situated in the hearts of Jammu and attracts devotees from around the world. This is an important and beautiful shrine that belongs to Lord Rama who is the eighth incarnation of Vishnu. Rama is considered a prime deity in the Dogra community. The place is clustered with numerous temples which are all dedicated to Lord Rama and Goddess Sita. This site is the largest temple complex in the north of India. The entire temple complex took 25 long years to build that began in 1834 AD to 1860 AD. The prime architects were Maharaja Gulab Singh and his son Maharaja Ranbir Singh. The temples are curvy and intrigued by beautiful designs. It also offers you the Sanskrit Library, which is present in the premises of the temple and offers you rich mythological manuscripts and golden chapters of the epic Ramayana. The temple has seven shrines, and during the morning and evening, the aarti happens. That’s not all, in the nearby, there are 17 shrines including Panjbakhtar temple and Ranbireshwar Temple.

Vaishno Devi Temple

Jammu is most widely famous for Vaishno Devi Temple and people from around the world fling themselves to witness the religious site. Tirumala Venkateswara Temple is another temple, which is dedicated to Goddess. Vaishno Devi or Mata Rani is the superlative manifestation of Mother Goddess who is the prime and who is the mother of all beings. The temple is situated in the tinsel town of Katra, Udhampur district. After reaching this spot one can walk to reach the pilgrim. Walking to Vaishno Devi Temple is the backbreaking journey because it is located in the high over the Trikuta Hil at an altitude of more than five thousand ft. The shrine is spread over 13km and sadly there is no modern transportation facility to reach, except helipad. However, you can take the help of horses.

Peer Kho Cave Temple

If you wish to visit Jammu to have some spiritual peace and serenity of mind and heart, then you should go to the Peer Kho Cave Temple. It is lying on the banks of River Tawi. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva; it is also called Jamwant Cave. It is believed that Ramayan's character Jamvant (the bear God) used to come here to meditate and worship. The temple is situated in the acacia forest and rocks and it is known as the oldest and ancient Shiva temple in the region. The devotees visit here to celebrate Shivaratri with great zeal and enthusiasm every year. If you are an international traveller and curious to visit India, then you need a valid India visa to enter the country.

So, don’t delay your trip to Jammu. Visit here with your family and enjoy nature and its astonishing temples and tourist attractions.



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