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All about Indian medical attendant visa

What is Indian medical attendant visa?

It’s obvious that a patient is unable to look after themself in a foreign country, that’s why they need someone who can take care of them in a foreign country, and here Indian medical attendant visa comes into play. This visa is given to the blood relative of an Indian medical visa holder coming to India for medical purposes. A medical attendant visa can be granted to up to two attendants so that they can accompany the patient and keep them company.

Indian medical attendant visa requirements:

To be eligible for an Indian e-medical attendant visa, you have to fulfill the following requirements:

You need a six-month valid passport from your arrival date in the country with two blank pages for stamping.

You must have a return ticket when applying for an e-medical attendant visa for India.

You should be financially capable of living in your country for the days specified.

The patient holding an e-medical visa must be under the observation of an authorized doctor or medical organization.

The medical attendant visa must be applied in reference to an Indian e-medical visa.

e-medical attendant visa duration and validity:

The visa is valid for 60 days from the arrival date in India. You can apply for an Indian e-medical attendant visa thrice a year. And, it is non-convertible or extendable.

Medical attendant visa India process:

If you are a citizen of eligible countries for a medical attendant visa India, then you can apply for this visa between 7 to 4 days before your travel date. Usually, the visa approval time is 4 days, but some applications may take some more time so do all before the usual time.

An Indian medical is given to family members of the patient holding Indian e-medical visa, however, a doctor coming with the patient can also be given the medical attendant visa.

The visa can be given to at most two family members to accompany the patient in India for medical treatment.

When applying for a medical attendant visa, you have to fill up the application form online. Attach the recent coloured photo whose size must be between 3MB to 10MB

When approved, you will get the e-medical attendant visa India on your confirmed email.

After that, you need to take a printout of the visa and carry that along with other necessary documents when coming to India.


Sum up

Here, we told you about the Indian e-medical attendant visa. We told you about the requirements for medical attendant visa India, its validity, type, process and the like.

Having known this is not sufficient, you must be in touch with an Indian visa expert so that you can take help from them when in doubt and leave no chance for your medical attendant visa application rejection.



Amit Arora  Mar-11-2020

Hi there, My friend's cousin ( who is living in Sri Lanka) is willing to study Medicine in India. I will send this to my friend & tell him to forward this to his cousin. I'm sure this will help him a lot. Thank you.

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