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Documents Required to Apply for India e-Visa

India is one of the most popular countries for tourism attractions; it’s glorious history, monuments, exotic weather, colourful culture, religion, dynamic history and diverse mouth-watering cuisines are famous across the world. The country is enunciating for its independence too in the whole world, and it encourages thousands of foreigners to come into India. The country is growing tremendously because of its booming economy. Apart from that, the country is also world-famous for its educational institutions and growing business opportunities. www.evisaindia.com helps you to find hassle free Indian E Visa.  

However, many of you want to visit in India for vacation, tourism and spending some quality time with their family members who live over here. Furthermore, let us tell you that if you are interested to visit in India, then you must have your visa so that you can enter this country.

In case, if you don’t know about the rules and regulations of India visit then, this written information regarding documents and application process will help you:

Kind of Visas and Documents:

Before you submit your application for an Indian visa, get to know what are the documents, you need to enclose or submit-

  • First, your Passport should be original, with six months minimum validation, as per the submission of application for an Indian visa.
  • The passport should have two pages blank.
  • If you carry your old passport, then you are advised to submit it with your visa application form.
  • You need to attach your colour photograph, and your face should be clear for identification with white background.
  • One recent photograph.
  • Address proof: a copy of ID card, electricity bill, telephone bill, gas bill or water bill.
  • Employment proof: certificate from the employer, if working.
  • Student Identity card needs to be attached if you are a student.
  • Retirement papers; for a retired person.
  • Payment proof: you must have your debit or credit card for Indian visa payment. You must show your bank statement (last 3 months)


e-Tourist Visa Documentation:

Do you want to roam India and eyewitness it’s beautiful landscape, lakes, beaches, and wonderful historical places? Then you must have these documents to apply for the e-Tourist Visa.

  • If you want to visit in India then you must have NID or Birth Certificate. Latest Electricity Bill Copy.
  • Your bank statement, which should not be more than 6 months or Dollar endorsement/your dollar endorsement should not be older than one from its submission date/ you should have an active credit or debit card.
  • You must show your professional proof.
  • Submit your new passport and all old passports copy.


Note: Indian e-tourist visa permission is granted by the government for 90 days for pilgrimage, staying and tourism.

e-Business Visa:

  • You need to show your NID or Birth certificates.
  • You should have a recent Utility bill copy.
  • Bank statement/ travel card/ credit or debit card/ dollar endorsement.
  • Income proof.
  • You should have your Tin or Tax certificate.
  • You should have your business invitation letter.
  • Company dual party agreement.
  • Association or partnership certificate.
  • New or old passport copy.

Note: If a foreigner is desirous to visit in India on business, commercial, trade, and commercial prospect, then e-business visa is issued to the applicants.

The e-Business Visa is granted to a person, who wants to visit in India for business, commercial and trade. This is a double-entry visa and can enter in India for 2 times during a calendar year.

e-Medical/ Medical attendant Visas:

The e-Medical/ Medical Attendant Visa is provided to the applicants who want to get medical treatment or attend their relative who is granted to get Medical Visa for treatment at a recognized institute or hospital by the Government.

  • You should have your birth certificate or NID.
  • Recent electricity or utility bill copy.
  • Endorsement statement (should not be older than one month/ Bank statement/ active credit or debit card.
  • Medical treatment certificate.
  • Original medical invitation letter from India with specific date mentioned.
  • The medical documents should be original.
  • Your professional or financial proof.
  • Your passport copy; new and old one.


Note: This e-medical visa is issued to the medical attendant or patient who is recommended to get medical treatment from India.

Sum up

Now, you got to know that for visiting in India, you must have the passport with validation period, the documentation should be proper so that you can apply for the Indian e-visa.




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