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most loved places to visit in India

India is the seventh and most diverse country in the world. Its northern side tends to receive heavy snowfall in the winter season resulting in snow-clad mountains, its desert area dwellers welcome their guests with a warm grin, its beaches always shimmering to make the vacation unforgettable, lush green forests give wildlife lovers a thrilling experience and innumerable carnivals and festivals make the atmosphere boisterous.

 www.evisaindia.com helps you to find hassle free Indian E Visa.  We truly understand how confusing it is for you to plan your vacation when having innumerable top tourist destinations in India, and you have to choose one. In order to facilitate your selection, we have prepared a list of 5 most famous tourist destinations in India.

1. Agra

Agra, widely famous for its Taj Mahal, has always been one of the most loved tourist destinations in India. Although the city is home to innumerable monuments and architectural art examples, it is the Taj Mahal that catches the greatest number of eyeballs with its marble charm that still looks spotless and bright.

This eternal symbol of love falls in the list of Seven Wonders of the World. Apart from this entrancing piece of white marble beauty, Agra city also boasts of other enchanting places like the Agra Fort, Fatehpur Sikri, Akbar’s tomb, Sikandra Fort and Ram Bagh. The beauty of the Taj Mahal reaches its peak during the sunset.

2. Delhi

Delhi, the capital of India, has witnessed all colours of history and is one of the best places to visit in India. You can hear the ringing bell sound in the busy streets, taste mouth-watering street foods at local stall, easily manage as, even most locals can speak English, seek blessings in mosques, churches and Sikh temples and see the royalty of the Mughals hidden in their historical builds, which still seem noble despite going through severe and harsh weather for a long time. Some of the most famous places of Delhi for foreigners are the Red Fort, Chandni Chowk, Qutub Minar, Connaught Place, Humayun’s Tomb, Jantar Mantar and Akshardham Mandir.  

3. Goa

If you want to visit India for fun purpose, then Goa is the best place for you to visit in India. This boisterous state boasts of its white beach beauty having uncountable palm trees, where the sea shimmers and the heart-thrilling rock music are played under the moonlight. It has 51 beaches along its coastline, Goa is regarded as the party capital of India.

If you think of doing something offbeat in such a joyful place, then you can explore and experience the hidden and less-known history of this state, which was once a Portuguese colony. And, adventure lovers can also thrill themselves by trekking up to the hills.  If you want easily Urgent Indian Visa and Indian E Visa then you have to apply through www.e-touristvisaindia.com.  Moreover, Goa has a wide variety of cuisines symbolizing the food culture of Muslim, Portuguese and Catholic.

4. Kashmir

Kashmir is no longer a place of threat and has still regained its lost image ‘Heaven on Earth’. The state is home to Himalayan Ranges from where the black of terrorism has faded away, and the entrancing charm has covered the mountain peaks in the form white snow. Now, its locals are ready to welcome their guests to show their hospitality with kahwah in hands and a smile on their bright face. Its houseboats look more beautiful, as it has the hue of hope of prosperity.

Now, you can taste the mouth-watering cuisines of Kashmir like Syoon Pulaav, Goshtaba, Muj Gaad, Raazma-Gogji, Qabargaah and so on. As far as beverages are concerned, this heavenly state has over 20 varieties of Kahwah. You can also taste Noon Chai seeing the snow-laden peaks.

5. Jaipur, the Pink City

To see the massive influence of our royal ancestors, there are only innumerable places in India that you can visit, and the most prominent one is Jaipur. It will be fair to say it the window of the past through which one can see the nobility of Rajputs. The best thing about this city is that it is the perfect amalgamation of peace and a boisterous atmosphere. You can see the rainbow moving in the streets of this pink city. The City Palace, Hawa Mahal and Jantar Mantar are the finest examples of architectural innovations that grab the attention of tourists across the world.


The writing point of this blog is to make you familiar with the 5 most famous tourist destinations in India. Our list of 5 best tourist destinations of India includes Jaipur, Goa, Delhi, Agra and Kashmir. If you are a foreigner and willing to visit any of these or all the most visited tourist places in India listed above, then you need to apply for an Indian visa.

You can apply for an Indian e-visa, in which your India travel purpose should be tourism. You can apply for an Indian e-tourist visa, and if you have any question or confusion, then feel free to reach us.




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