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Nagaland-the state of colourful and impeccable culture

Nagaland is one of the smallest states in India with having diverse indigenous tribes, culture, colourful and vibrant festivals, excellent handloom and headdresses and impeccable cuisine. We help you to find hassle-free Indian Visa Online. The state is covered with mountains, situated in northeast India, bordering Myanmar. Kohima is the capital of Nagaland and Dimapur is the largest city. The state suffered a lot during World War II, and one can read the names of soldiers by visit at the Kohima War Cemetery.

Nagaland is a state where all religious people live together, however, the Christian community is huge as compared to other religions. Moreover, Nagaland is truly a fascinating and charming land to visit. If you are a nature lover and want to intimate with lush greens and sky-touching mountains, then you must visit.

Apart from nature, you can also witness Nagaland State Museum, which contains ancient weaponry, traditional Naga cultural artefacts, and a ceremonial drum.

1. Dimapur

The largest and beautiful city Dimapur is the entry point of Nagaland, which welcomes every beautiful soul who lives here and comes here. Its boasting and scenic landscape offer travellers a gorgeous time to spend with their loved ones. Here, the roads are well-maintained and the town offers ample opportunity to the wanderers, travellers and history buffs to roam.

Apart from the greenery and scenic landscape, you can witness 13th-century Kachari ruins. The ruins are evidence of the Ahom invasion, and  nature adds enhancement to its beauty. Dimapur opens its arm to welcome you so that you can experience its wonderful Nichuguard Village, Chumukedima, Medziphema, Dulong, and Seithekima village. These are known for its spectacular meadow greens and landscape. If you want to spend some quiet time, then you must visit here. Dimapur is the ideal tourist spot, where you are offering the enchanting places to witness.

However, it is a colourful city, which reflects its culture, tradition, and history in everything Here, you can visit the zoological park, Diezephe Craft Village, Green Park Rangapahar Reserve Forest, Nagaland Science Centre, and Intanki Wildlife Sanctuary and Shiv Mandir.


2. Kohima

Kohima-the capital of Nagaland is a charming and most gorgeous place to visit. Despite being a commercial tourist spot, Kohima has not lost its charisma to tempt travellers, tourists, and wanderers, and has remained one of most loved places to visit. It is the perfect blend of modern and ancient attraction, which motivates people to come over here. The town offers picturesque and scenic views, which reminds the time of the Second World War. The town holds a perfect melange of history and culture. It has the Iapfu Peak and the Puliebadze Peak, which impresses travellers around the world to visit.

Apart from these, if you are a history lover, who wants to witness the ancient ruins, broken pottery, memorial, Kohima War Cemetery, Kohima Zoo, Naga Bazaar, and the abandoned villages, then it is a heaven for you.

3. Mon

It is a land of Konyak Nagas, which is recognized for its warriors who have tattoos on the face, blackened teeth, and head-hunting prowess. Konyaks call themselves the descendants of Noah and agriculture. However, it is believed that they have excellent harvest knowledge. Meanwhile, if you are planning to visit here, then you will be getting the chance to witness and enjoy the festivals, colourful clothing, tradition, cuisine and shopping, which happen in Longwa (the biggest village on Mon).  If you want an urgent visa online to travel in India, then do apply now to get an e-visa within 24 to 72 hours.

This district shares the border with Myanmar, and you can get the opportunity to have your half body in India and other holds in Myanmar. Over here, you can visit the chief’s house, who lives with his 60 wives. That’s not all, here, you can witness the lively harvest festival called Aoleang Monyu festival.

However, if you are planning to have a ball with your family members and friends, then this is one of the best places to visit.


In this article, we have told you about the Nagaland and its beautiful towns and districts such as Mon, Kohima and Dimapur, which is the best places to visit in Nagaland to enjoy nature, history, festivals, markets, and mouth-watering delicious delicacies. However, if you are still thinking about your visit to India, then let us tell you that, time never comes back, if escaped. So, don’t delay your planned vacation this summer, and travel in India with an easy e-tourist visa facility online.

Enjoy your India vacation!



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