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Places to Visit in Wonderful Vellore

The ancient and princely city Vellore is situated in Tamil Nadu, which has been ruled by many powerful and prosperous dynasties over the years. Some of the dynasties are: The Cholas, The Pallavas, Vijaynagar Kingdom, the Carnatic Empire, and the British Empire, are known as the ruler of this region. Because of the diverse rulers, the Vellore city has mixed cultural heritage, thus it has royal temples, grand forts, beaches, hill stations, natural wonders, and enchanting and rich cuisines to have. Indian Visa helps you to find hassle free Indian E Visa.  

Apart from these, the city Vellore never fades to impress people, thus its emphasis travellers to visit on vacation and holidays. However, Vellore is known as the Smart city, because it connects so many cities such as Chennai and Bangalore via road and train. Vellore is located on the banks of the Palar River in the north-eastern part. It is covering the area around 87, 915 km with a population of 423, 425.

Apart from the detailed information, we have a list of wonderful places to visit in Vellore, to help you in your exploration of India and its state.

1. Vellore Fort

Vellore Fort has distanced around 1.5 km from Vellore Town Railway Station. The Fort is developed in the 16th century with granite, which is surrounded by the deep moat, placed in the heart of the town. It is said that the fort was built by Thimma Reddy and Bommi during the reign of the Vijayanagar king, Krishnadeva Raya.

However, it is one of the topmost tourist attractions in Vellore, every year thousands of wanderers and traveller land on this city to witness the rare and unparalleled fort by themselves. The fort is spread around 133 acres, which is once surrounded by crocodiles. Furthermore, if you are planning to visit Tamil Nadu, then do visit at the Vellore so that you can visit at the Vellore Fort.

Things to do at the Vellore Fort: walking around the fort, boating and visiting the museum

Location: Balaji Nagar, Vellore, Tamil Nadu 632004

Timings: 8 AM – 6 PM

Entry Fee: INR 5


2. Srilakshmi Golden Temple

The gold-coated temple makes you feel delighted with its magnificent architecture. The whole temple is coated in gold leaf and costs around 65 million US dollars. The temple is constructed in the year 2007 with 1500-kilogram golds. The temple is spread in the 100 acres of area. The construction is based on Sri Narayani Peedam, which is headed by spiritual leader Sri Sakthi Amma. However, if you are planning to visit in this beautiful temple, then you need to plan your visit wisely, because the temple is situated insight the Sripuram spiritual park, here, you can reach by road. The Golden Temple Vellore is residing in the small range of green hills at Thirumalaikodi Vellore, 120 km from the Tirupati and 160 km from Puducherry and 200 km from Bengaluru.

Location: Javadi Hills, Alangayam, Kavalur, Tamil Nadu 635701

Timings: Saturday 7-10 PM

Entry Fee: Free


3. Ratnagiri Murugan Temple

If you searching for religious places to visit, then Ratnagiri Murugan Temple is one of the most visited places in order to worship Lord Murugan (Kartikeya). The temple builds in the 14th century on the top of a hill. According to the ancient scriptures, where the hill is placed, there is Lord Murugan. In this temple, every day thousands of devotees visit to pay their gratitude and respect. Moreover, you can reach here, by taking public transport or taxi, because the temple is 114 km far from Vellore city. If you want easily Urgent Indian Visa and Indian E Visa then you have to apply through Indian E Visa.  

Location: Ratnagiri Murugan Temple, Ratnagiri Kilminnal, Tamil Nadu 632517

Timings: 6 AM – 1 PM, 4-8 PM


4. Periyar Park

Want to enjoy the bewitching beauty of nature while you are in Vellore, Tamil Nadu? Visit Periyar Park, it is one of the best parks where nature is manicured with cool fountains, emerald meadows, slops well-laden jogger’s path and attractive swings. It is known as the favourite spot for children because, it contains wonderful swings, motorcycles, and battery-powered cars for all ages. So, do visit this park with your kids and remember the old time of your childhood by having fun with your children.


Location: Fort Round Rd, Balaji Nagar, Vellore, Tamil Nadu 632004

Timings: 4:30 AM –9:30 PM


5. Sri Margabandeeswarar Temple

It is one of the holiest places in the city of Vellore, where you will be able to feel the positive energy, calmness, and happiness, which you have never felt. The untouched beauty of this temple is cultivated into marvellous colours and has very peculiar carvings, which makes this temple one of the best Indian temple architecture that is why Vellore is known as the town of temples. If you are an International traveler and interested to visit India then you need valid Indian Visa to enter in India.

Location: Virinjipuram, Tamil Nadu 632104

Timings: 6 AM – 12 PM, 4:30-8 PM


Sum Up

In this article, we have mentioned about the places of Vellore to visit—Margabandeeshwarar Temple, Periyar Park, Ratnagiri Murugan Temple, Srilakshmi Golden Temple, and Vellore Fort. This information will save your time in wondering which place need to go when you are in Vellore, Tamil Nadu.



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