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Top 10 street foods of Agra you must taste:

If you thinking of Agra as the land on which the Taj Mahal is located only, then you have missed a lot. One of the biggest reasons for the popularity of Agra among tourists is its famous mouth-watering street foods. If you want to get your Indian Visa Online done within some days, then we help you with it. Visit us and apply hassle-free.

Although always very crowded, but the magical taste of its delicacies always compel domestic or foreign visitors to see the country again and again. You can go to any street of this beautiful city and quench your insatiable appetite.

In this article, we have prepared a list of 10 most delicious foods of Agra so that you can know what to eat during your next trip to Agra.

Top 10 street foods of Agra you must taste:


1. Paratha

If you smell the aroma of this mouth-watering food called Parathas, then it will be impossible for you to control yourself from eating a bite of this famous Mughlai dish.

It is made from wheat having grated potatoes, grated cauliflower, carrots and some spices stuffed in it, which is served hot in plates along with sauce and salad. Most tourists start their trip days by eating 2 or 3 parathas, as it is the best breakfast in the city. So, don’t forget to give your taste buds a delight with this famous Mughlai food during your next trip to the city.

2. Petha

Agra is a heaven for people with a sweet tooth because this city is famous for its mouth-watering Pethas, the specialty of Agra. You can find this sweet in numerous varieties from Kesar to paan whose taste will make your holiday more interesting.

This sweet is prepared using white pumpkin or ash gourd and mixed nuts that make its taste more delicious. Its texture is from hard to soft; it’s up to you which one you choose. The city has innumerable varieties of pethas with different colours and textures that fulfill the cravings for sweet foods in every tourist, from kids to the old.

3. Bhalla

Bhalla is one of the most popular street foods in Agra: this delicious cuisine is called Aloo Tikki in other places in India. It is made from dried mashed potatoes, chickpea and many Indian spices, served hot with tamarind or green chilly chutney. Do you want to make your India visit in urgent? Apply now and get your urgent indian visa done with us. 

There is nothing better than having the hand of beloved in your hand in the evening and indulging in the magical taste of such piping-hot cuisines.

4. Mughlai meat foods

Delicious Mughai foods are a legacy left by Muslim rulers. Eating Mughlai non-veg foods will definitely give you an Idea of royal taste that Muslim rulers once had in India.

Most of Mughali items like chicken, biryani and kebabs have meat as their main item that satisfies the taste buds of non-vegetarians when served with Naan or chawal with salad.

5. Tandoori Chicken

Tandoori Chicken is one of the most famous street foods in Agra whose taste leave in the heart of food lovers for their whole life and compel them to visit the city again and again to satiate the non-veg lover jumping inside them.

It is served with green mint chutney, and the juicy flavour of Tandoori Chicken is no less than a heavenly experience for people with hungry taste buds.

6. Dalmoth

Feeling like eating something savoury with a cup of tea during your Taj Mahal trip, then Dalmoth is the best companion as a snack. Its taste will refresh you and make you energetic enough to visit the whole city without getting tired.

It is made from some Indian spices, peanuts and so on. In India, people also call it Namkeen, which the best companion of tea in India apart from biscuits.

7. Shawarma

Shawarma is the first choice of many tourists who come from a foreign country because of its texture and look, which looks similar to western country cuisines.

It is made from chicken, lamb or goat meat and rolled into a large piece of flatbread. It is served hot with sauces and keeps the stomach of tourists full for a long time along with its lip-smacking taste.

8. Jalebi

Jalebi is not only famous in Agra due to its delicious taste but also in all cities of India. This sweet food is made by deep-frying maida flour batter in circular shapes after that soaked in sugar syrup for sweet taste.

In the winter season, tourists eat this food item especially in evenings where cool zephyrs outside and sweet taste inside give them a heavenly experience. If you are going to attend business meeting in India, then are you are suggested to apply Indian business visa online today. 

9. Bedai

Bedai is one of the most popular street foods in Agra, which is a stuffed puri made from moong and urad dal, and it has a crisp texture. People eat with aloo sabji.

Its magical taste has crossed all the boundaries that’s why it is also easily available in other large cities of India. it is served with a pickle and some salads. It is one of the best breakfast items in North India.

However, you must remember that this tasty delicacy is not available in the evening. So, for a healthy and tasty breakfast, trust Bedai.

10. Paneer Tikka

The way non-vegetarians love chicken to keep their taste buds happy, the same vegetarians do with Paneer Tikka. It is not only delicious in taste but also healthy, and the best thing about it is that it is cooked using coal, which is why doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients.

It is served hot with green chutney whose spicy taste leaves a long-lasting impression upon the minds of visitors and compels them to visit Agra to taste this lip-smacking food.


In this blog, we told you about the 10 most famous street foods of Agra, and our list is made of Paneer Tikka, Bedai, Jalebi, Petha and so on.



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