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Uzbekistan to India

Uzbekistan is a former Soviet republic, situated in Central Asia. This country is famous for its enormous mosques, sites linked to the Silk Road, Islamic architecture, and mausoleums. However, the residents of Uzbekistan desirously need to have an Indian visa so that they can visit India to roam and feel the fragrance of gorgeous and diverse Indian cultures and traditions. Uzbekistan is one of the awesome nations; but, the striking beauty of India tempts Uzbekistanis to have some quiet and serene time. On seeing the demand for an Indian visa, the government of India has made the visa facility easy and subtle.

This online facility offers the freedom to 160 countries to visit India at some stage in the year. On the approval of the application, the e-visa is sent to the applicant's e-mail.

The seaports and airports of India:

Now, Uzbekistan citizens who've applied and keep an Indian e-visa can visit India thru these following ports:

Airports: Ahmedabad, Amritsar, Bag Dogra, Bengaluru, Bhubaneshwar, Calicut, Chennai, Chandigarh, Cochin, Coimbatore, Delhi, Gaya, Goa, Guwahati, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Kolkata, Lucknow, Madurai, Mangalore, Mumbai, Nagpur Port Bihar, Pune, Tiruchirappalli, Trivandrum, Varanasi, and Visakhapatnam.

Seaports: Cochin, Goa, Mangalore, Chennai and Mumbai.

Some of the best tourist destinations in India:

  • Rameshwaram, Tamil Nadu
  • Kerala
  • Delhi
  • Mumbai
  • Gir Sanctuary, Gujarat
  • Somnath Temple, Gujarat
  • Kamakhya Temple, Tamil Nadu
  • Goa
  • Andaman and Nicobar

India Uzbekistan relations

“India-Central Asia” communicates with the participation of Afghanistan befell in January 2019. The trade relation between India and Uzbekistan is ruled with the aid of the settlement on trade and financial Co-operation, signed in 1993 which contains capabilities of trade agreements, along with mutual MFN treatment, and so on.

Mouth-watering cuisines of India: Momo, Chilli Potato, Bengali Rasgulla, Kashmiri Pulao, Pyaazi Kachori, Kahwah, Meat Curry Thenthu, Paneer Tikka, Biryani, Seafood, Chichen Tandoori, Khasta Kachori, Sharbat, Lassi, Butter Paneer, Mughlai food, etc.

Temperament of Indian

Humble, helpful, kind, supportive and welcoming

Tips to preserve in mind you are in India:

  • Keep your documents safe and secure and don’t forget to have your passport and visa all the time.
  • Save Indian and Hungary embassy legit numbers.
  • Don’t visit on the shady streets, especially at nights. It may befall you in dangerous situations.
  • Always roam on the general public spot together with your organization members.
  • Respecting Indian traditions and religions will give you immense honor by its citizens.
  • Avoid kissing your companions.
  • Don’t provide money to beggars.
  • Don’t take any stranger's assist or offer.
  • Remove your shoes before you heading in temples and shrines.

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Indian Embassy in Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Address: 16 Kara-Bulak Street Vakhshskaya Street Mirzo Ulugbek District Tashkent 700 052 Uzbekistan.
Phone: (+998) 71-140 09 83 / 97 / 98
Fax: (+998) 71-140 09 87 / 99

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